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At the End of the River – Out Now!

Release Date: 11/8/2019 – Featuring 11 new original songs!

Price: $20.00

The beautiful banded-sleeve T-shirt. Sizes are Unisex.

Price: $35.00

Size :

CDs not your thing? Grab this T-shirt instead! Featuring the hook from the soon-to-be hit song off our new record! Impress your friends with this obscure reference! And we’ll send you the digital download of the new record At the End of the River. Sizes are Unisex.

Price: $25.00

Size :

Get Ready (CD) our 2015 Grammy Award-Nominated 2nd Full-length Album.

Price: $15.00

The Revelers debut (CD) from 2011. We were so young!

Price: $15.00

Because of increased shipping costs, for right now we’re only selling Bruneaux’s in bulk. But you’ve got 22 friends right?! And the holidays are coming up fast! Includes cost of shipping (+$5 added at checkout). Includes 23 cans.

Price: $100.00

The first in our series of 4-track EPs featuring Swamp-Pop Classics. On luxurious 45-rpm vinyl!

Price: $10.00

The 2nd in our vinyl EP collection.

Price: $12.00