Chas’ Blog: Alaska 2015

I think it might be best to begin this narrative with Captain James Cook. Hailing from dreary Yorkshire, England, in 1776 Cook was the first European explorer to reach Alaska, in search of a northwest passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans by water. He was a gifted navigator, his charts and maps were…

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Chas’ Blog: On the Road with Lil’ Donald

In all these years of being in a working traveling band, we often compare what we do to other occupations. We compare ourselves to explorers, pirates, truckers and recently politicians on the campaign trail. There are many similarities between the life of a traveling minstrel to that of a politician, especially when on the campaign…


Scotland Update

“The drives are long,the hours are horrendous, the money’s dreadful, but hey, we get to eat in gas stations.” Gerry Rouche Glasgow We’ve just returned from the Highlands of Scotland and are currently at the Travelodge hotel by the Glasgow airport. On this tour we’ll be lucky enough to stay at luxurious  Travelodges across Scotland….


Safe and Sound in Saunderstown

     Every summer, first with The Red Sticks, now with the Revelers we navigate the perilous wilderness of Interstate 95 and somehow reach Kate Vivian’s house in quaint Saunderstown Rhode Island. Kate is what you would call a patron of the arts. She’s not rich, mind you, but she does have a nice house,…