A Small Note To All For This Holiday Season

If you’re reading this you probably have too much free time and should get back to work and not spend so much time surfing the internet reading band news blogs that are simply an exercise in self indulgence and self promotion.

So stop reading now!!

Ok that was a test and you failed

Still reading?

Well in that case check out all the awesome stuff we’ve been doing or are getting ready to do.  Chanukah is over and the flames of the menorah have flickered for the last time, and now it’s time for that other holiday.  Although, we’ve had to endure the music and all the super holiday sales since Halloween it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.  I think Congress should mandate that Christmas cannot be mentioned until after Thanksgiving.  That means no snow flakes on Starbucks cups, no sales, no telling people that if they really love somebody the best way to show it is with a diamond, and for the love of Christ no “Frosty The Snowman” (which due to global warming will one day be an anachronism anyway).  Violation will result in at least 20 hours of volunteering on the special holiday suicide hot line, or maybe we’ll advertise your own personal number as the hotline itself.

Anyway love it or move to China the Noel season is upon us,and we should all be grateful, and you know what makes the perfect stocking stuffer? A Revelers CD of course!!

We are also quite excited about our next holiday (and not in a sarcastic curmudgeon way)… New Years


New years is a time where we resolve to start exercising, stop smoking, and get our lives back on track.  It’s also a time that we express our love for each other made easier by the prodigious amount of alcohol in our system.

The main reason I love new years however is that we get to spend it in the Catskill Mountains at Ashokan Fiddle and Dance camp.  It’s more than just a party.  It’s a celebration of life involving the best things in life music and dancing.  Sometimes I genuinely feel sorry for the poor people crammed into Times Square watching the ball drop, and all the people trying too hard and spending too much money in a desperate attempt to have the best time ever.  I can safely say that if you come to Ashokan you might have a shot.

Either way, the Revelers wish everyone peace and happiness for this season, and every season thereafter.